printable-pumpkin-facesCarving the Many Faces of Jack…

Every year before Halloween, we enjoy ripping out the guts from harmless little pumpkins just to roast their seeds and bake the shreds into pumpkin pies. Then, we give them personality with a unique happy or spooky face carved from either pumpkin carving templates or stencils with an original design, and light up their hollow rinds to place them on display for everyone to see.

Carving pumpkin faces can be easy or somewhat difficult, depending on how detailed you want your fleshy orange friend to appear. Good thing he’s thick-skinned and can take quite a bit of damage before shriveling up! There are many free printable pumpkin carving templates and stencils available, plus tools, ideas, books, and a few extra resources to give you the inspiration you need to create a couple of memorable pumpkins…

Traditional Smiling Pumpkin Faces – Grinning Pumpkins
Traditional jack-o-lanterns have a wide grinning smile to meet and greet your trick-or-treaters. These printable pumpkin faces are sure to make the kids have a Happy Halloween:

Goofy Pumpkin Face
A little bit of silly for your pumpkin…PDF file.
Happy Face Color Pages

Scary Pumpkins – Skeletons, Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, etc…
Skeleton Faced Pumpkin
Simple to carve cracked skeleton face design with ragged teeth.
Night Watchman
Hovering gargoyle creature – protector of the night.
Legend Lord of Darkness
A hard pattern to carve, but well worth the effort!
Scaredy Cat Haunted House
Black cat, owl, haunted house, more…

Popular Pumpkin Characters – Disney, or Popular Book and Movie Characters…
Dracula Pumpkin
Dracula carving template with a bat flying overhead.
Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh
Striped smiling faced Tigger template.
American McGee Cheshire Cat
With his Gothic grinning smile and pierced ear…difficult carving.
Where the Wild Things Are
Medium – hard template Lots of detail.
From Nightmare before Christmas…

Worth More than Words… Boo! Happy Halloween!
Victorian Scroll Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween in words with an elegant Victorian scroll border.
Dripping Boo!
Not just any old BOO…a slightly dripping boo. Use your imagination for painted additions after the carving. :-)

My Own Pumpkin Carving Templates:
Spider Web Pumpkin Template
Spider and Web pumpkin carving template.
Bat Scroll Pumpkin Template
Bat with scrollwork – original template design from WebSpinstress.

pumpkin-carving-tools Ray Villafane Pumpkin Carving Tools
5 of Ray’s Favorite Carving Tools for Extreme Pumpkins


halloween-black-cat-silhouetteDon’t even dare to try to leave your windows bare on Halloween night! A spooky Halloween silhouette printable or craft project might be just what you need to draw in a mystical appearance through your empty panes on both sides, using creepy creatures and monster shapes.

You can create full scenes using silhouettes and templates, like a haunted house and spooky tree setting with bats, a witch with a cauldron, or use just a single shape such as a black cat silhouette sitting on the window sill to add to the rest of your creative Halloween decor…

The Art of Silhouette Crafting – Simple Silhouette Forms
Traditionally (and now continuing into the 21st century), silhouettes are cut from thin black paper to depict a featureless portrait, object, or scene using a dark representation on a lighter background. Silhouettes were a cheaper format to record one’s image rather than the use of photography, and simply obtained by tracing one’s shadow as a side profile view onto paper from candlelight.

Silhouettes of scenes are known as paper-cuts and many illustrations and popular artworks have been derived using mainly silhouette forms. One of the most popular Halloween paper-cut scenes is of a haunted house with spooky trees, bats flying overhead, and a full moon.

Creature Silhouettes – Dark Creepy Creature Shadows
Use these creature templates to stencil your own crafty Halloween decorations. Cut them out as silhouettes from black paper or trace the design to use as pumpkin carvings. You can layer as many smaller silhouette forms as you like together to create a full scene…

Creepy Creature Templates
A great bat silhouette, plus bones, skulls, spiders, and a few more crawlies.
Owl Template
Perched owl coloring page that is also the perfect size for a large owl silhouette.
Bats and Ghosts
Even the kids can help you with these ghost and bat pattern printables.
Halloween Stencil: Raven
A raven is an important omen, according to Native American Indian wisdom. When you see a raven, expect magic, shape-shifting and creation!


Silhouette Mice

Halloween is probably the only time where you’ll want to show off your mice that run up and down the stairs late at night!

Halloween Objects and Scenes – Spooky Scenes and Symbolism

Halloween Stencil: Haunted House
Simple haunted house stencil for Halloween.
Pumpkin Silhouettes
Simple pumpkin shapes to cut out with black paper, and add your own faces.

Cast Your Own Shadow….
What are your favorite silhouettes and what projects do you use them on, if not just displaying in windows?

Have you ever carved a pumpkin silhouette, or made a wall full of silhouette shadows?


If you want to create your own DIY Halloween countdown calendar this year, you might need a little bit of extra time to pull together a few craft supplies.

These tutorials and projects for counting down to the spooky holiday are unique and also something you can put your own spin on when your 104 days time runs out before you know it (I wasn’t counting yet! Really…)

Printable Halloween Activities and Riddles

Canvas and Paper

13 Mini Tutorials

Just click on the photos for the links to the original source for these tutorials, and start counting down to Halloween!


Vintage Halloween Cards These vintage Halloween cards are beautiful and timeless treasures – perfect for creating invitations, as applications to favor boxes, or for use in scrapbooks. Click on the image to print in the larger, full-size version (personal use only, please.)

Collecting vintage images for holiday crafts and decorations is one of my guilty pleasures, since it’s so time consuming to hunt down quality resources. I plan on finding more vintage cards to scan and enhance in the future, but you can find more postcard designs here: Vintage Halloween Cards.

This week, I also found a vintage reproduction of “Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game”, which will be a very fun and unique addition to your Halloween party this year.

It’s in PDF format – be sure to print it on cardboard stock so it’s sturdy enough to use as an actual game: Whirl-O Halloween Game. It may be a good idea to laminate it as well, just so any party spills don’t ruin the fun…


It took everything I had in me not to title this post “White Pumpkins Suck!” considering after finishing the design my carving masterpiece did end up looking as elegant as I had planned, which was the main objective.

However, being smaller and thinner than most pumpkin varieties, mine had an extremely stringy rind and was filled to the brim with completely sopped goo that would have constituted already being pumpkin soup without adding any extra ingredients… Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it thrown up before in quite a few horror movies. You could hear it slosh around inside just by shaking it a little before it became the first desired object of my annual experimental Halloween slashing practices.

White pumpkins are pretty awful to maintain after you take the knife to them. In fact, I highly recommend that you either choose a nice traditional orange pumpkin, or wait until Halloween morning to begin slaughtering. Today, my delicate soft white creation reminds me of a rotten egg, turning yellow while quickly deteriorating in strange shades of brown and orange by the hour. Should you have a gruesome pumpkin design, keep in mind this may be an added advantage. 😉

The bat is attached onto the stem using a toothpick, along with another scroll piece I was able to salvage. This pumpkin took me about 2 hours to complete. Should you not have lightning-fast Ninja carving abilities (defined by my Mom and husband who were witnesses), nor accurate fine-precision knife skills, you may want to omit some of the scrollwork designs included in the template. Yes, of course – I have included a free pumpkin template once again so last year’s spider web tribal pumpkin won’t get lonely. Keep in mind, if these templates do not fit your pumpkin or print out too small, you can use your printers options to enlarge the image to the appropriate size needed.

Happy carving! As for me, I’m off to mutilate a beautiful dark orange 20-pound traditional pumpkin either with the same design, or something more intricate. Maybe multiple pumpkins, you know… Now that I think of it, if I had the time, I’d probably just sit around carving pumpkins all day.


Hang up a few silhouettes in your windows and on your walls this Halloween to create a vintage spooky appearance that complements the rest of your creepy decor without taking over. Silhouettes are the classic way to display an elegant outline and highlight features without being too obtrusive when clustered together as a complete scene.

Silhouettes not only can be displayed on walls and windows, but have also been caught sneaking up the stairs, flying while dangling from high ceilings, burning brightly as dark figures when placed on lamps and candle lanterns, and attached to decorated pumpkins for simple black shapes (especially for topiaries or centerpieces with a lot of intricate floral design included).

Need a few silhouette accents this Halloween? See if any of these shadowy creatures catch your eye….Spooky Silhouettes for Halloween


SpiderWebPumpkin With an entire weekend of mixed freezing rain and huge fluffy white snowflakes falling to the ground, and now killer ladybugs and zombie bees attacking my screens today in 60 degree weather, something is obviously trying to squash my Halloween inspiration. So, I turned to visions of smiling lit Jack-O-Lanterns and ripped apart pumpkin chunks to search for the perfect carving template this year.

I didn’t end up finding the perfect spider web pumpkin template, so I created my own instead.

Hopefully it will keep it’s intricate slivers intact as I attempt to carve out my new masterpiece. If you’d like to print a free pumpkin template, click HERE for the full-size image…

WebSpinstress Pumpkin