whitepumpkintopiary If you’re looking to add some extra height to your Fall and Halloween arrangements, a pumpkin topiary is fun to create and makes a memorable display for your guests.

Simply drill and shove a dowel through the middle of their innards and then embellish your stacked pumpkin collection.

pumpkintopiary3 BHG has a unique Halloween display of pumpkin topiaries using orange pumpkins, large spiders with painted diamonds and stripes. I love how a portion of the dowels are exposed and painted to continue along with the topiary design. It radiates with masquerade appeal…and I can think of a few special ideas to spooky up the design a little more.

I found this display from Imperfectly Beautiful, who created a tall and whimsical pumpkin topiary. It includes hand-painted black and white polka-dots, ravens, and an elegant birdcage design stacked on top of a planter with Spanish moss placed carefully around the edges.

pumpkintopiary4Black and White Pumpkins are elegant and fun. These pumpkin arrangements are made with just stickers, but you can duplicate the same look by using swirly vintage rubber stamp designs or by painting them yourself. Beautiful collection of centerpieces, by the way…don’t forget to check out the complete blog post!

For other ideas for stacking pumpkins in your Halloween or Fall display, there’s a few of my favorite pedestals and pillars here: Pumpkin Topiary Displays. Happy stacking! :-)

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  1. Just found your site and love all the ideas. I’m a huge fan of Halloween. You may find some more Halloween ideas that you like on my blog – stop by for a visit.

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